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physics,linguistics,mathematics,electronics,cosmetics,athletics,politics,logistics,acrobatics diagnostics obstetrics statistics demographics phonotactics pragmatics economics hermeneutics polemics genetics


运动(Athletics) 锻造(Armorer) 剑术(Blade)挡格(Block) 钝击武器(Blunt) 徒手(Hand-to-Hand) 重甲(Heavy Armor) 炼金术(Alchemy)跳跃(Acrobatics) 轻甲(Light Armor) 射术(Marksman) 贸易(Mercantile) 开锁(Security)潜行(Sneak) 口才(Speechcraft) 力量 Strength 智力 Intelligence 意志 WillPower 敏捷 Agility 速度 Speed 耐力 Endurance 个性 Personality 幸运 Luck 满意的话 请采纳


你好,一问一答的形式虽然看似简单,但要不是看视频的话,同样是没有什么优势的,而且不系统不连贯,这里我给你完整全面的,通俗易懂的Introduction of China's Acrobatics (中国杂技表演介绍)吧。 我本来想给你翻译的,但是比较长,耗时多暂不翻译,也不知道你是否需要。这个除了些专有名字,别的用词都尽量简单的,是个很好的普及教材。


Introduction of China's Acrobatics

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The history of acrobatics in China can be traced back to Neolithic times. It is believed that acrobatics grew out of the labor and self-defense skills that the people practiced and demonstrated during their leisure time.

By 300 BC, such skills as walking on 3-meter high stilts and juggling 7 daggers at a time had been developed in China.

As the world economy developed, acrobatics was also developed into a kind of performance art. Acrobatics became known worldwide through performances presented along the Silk Road.

During the 13th century, the reputation of acrobatics as an impressive art form began to suffer. The public didn't respect acrobatics as they had before, and many acrobats found it very difficult to find places to perform.

After the sounding of the drum, the acrobatic show would begin. Several benches and a few props was all an acrobat owned. These early acrobatics didn't care so much about giving a beautiful performance, so long as the conveyed a feeling of danger and peril.

The life of those fallen acrobats was tough. A lot of acrobatic performers were forced to do farming in countryside. Because of their love for acrobatics, acrobatic art was able to survive for generations.

Located in Northeastern Plain, Wuqiao County relies on agriculture. Wandering through small villages here, you can see a lot of people practicing acrobatics. Although, they're not as professional as I expected.

Currently, Mr. Jiang is teaching acrobatics to his children. There are over 400 families who are capable performing acrobatics. They sometimes perform in the other cities together.

The 'Acrobatic Macrocosm' was built for local acrobatic performances by the Wuqiao Municipal . There are many other forms of folk art performed here.

Because renting a stage in a big theatre in urban areas is often very expensive, local acrobatic troupes build temporary stages for their performances. These temporary stages not only can save money, but also can be moved and reused.

In the early 1980s, the American Education Commission introduced acrobatics into the students' curriculum. China established two art schools especially for acrobatics-Wuqiao Acrobatic School and the Beijing Acrobatic School.

To become a competent acrobat, students must begin practicing the basic skills from the time they are only 6 or 7 years old. Because the techniques employed in acrobatics are extremely difficult and risky, students must endure a good deal of pains for their gain.

Handsprings are one of the basic skills in acrobatics. Students must practice everyday. Apart from somersaults and handsprings, waist and leg flexibility and headstands are the other basic skills students must master. The training is long, hard, and intense.

Acrobatic students can better illustrate the beauty of human body when they are performing in physique class.

In Europe and North America, Chinese acrobatic performances attract large audiences.

Acrobatics is an interactive art form. Whether you are old or young, educated or illiterate, you can appreciate it as long as you can see. There is no language barrier and cultural border.

Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe was awarded many gold medals during the 'Tomorrow and Future' International Acrobatic Festival in France, which draws the most outstanding acrobats from around the world.

A high level acrobatic program needs excellent technique coaches and much preparation time before it is ready to be performed in public.

Zhou Pinqi, technical coach of Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe, started to practice acrobatics when he was a child and became a coach. He, Zhang Gongli and other four students participated in the Shengyang Acrobatic Troupe in 1997. The programs he guided have twice won the highest prize at French Acrobatic Festival. He has his own unique methods of coaching his students.

Because it has an abundance of excellent acrobatic coaches, Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe has trained a group of outstanding acrobats.

The Shenyang Acrobatic Troupe produced the first themed acrobatic gala entitled 'Moon Light Acrobatics' in China.

The performance matches the theme 'Moonlight Acrobatics' through innovations in stage lighting.

Acrobatic art has its own peculiarity. The performance itself is very depictive; therefore the requirement for lighting is much stricter than opera and drama.

The theme music perfectly coincided with the performance, which made the atmosphere of the event even livelier. However, before the rehearsal, the performer gave the director a lot of trouble.

Ju Yi, director of 'Moonlight Acrobatics', said, 'Most acrobats do not have dancing experience. They don't understand music. I mean the performance just didn't fully express the emotion of the music.'

Chinese acrobatic art is still what it was centuries ago in that it does not over emphasize the role of music. Performers pay more attention to action. Therefore it takes time for performers to adapt to the music.

'Moonlight Acrobatics' took eight months to prepare, from planning and rehearsing to the performing the first show. That was much longer than other stage performances.

A successful acrobatic show also requires appropriate clothing. Costumes further enhance the beauty of the performance and increase the visual effects.

When you watch a Chinese acrobatics show, you are strongly impacted both mentally and physically. It is truly and unforgettable experience.

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四级翻译类型有:京剧 Peking opera,秦腔 Qin opera,功夫Kungfo,太极Tai Chi,木偶戏puppet show,皮影戏 shadowplay,折子戏 opera highlights,acrobatics,相声 witty dialogue comedy,刺绣 embroidery,苏绣 Suzhou embroidery,泥人 clay figure,书法 calligraphy,中国画 traditional Chinese painting,水墨画 Chinese brush painting,中国结 Chinese knot。





1.主干:智能手机用户数量增长译文:the number of the smart-phone users has increased。

2. 增添修饰①:由于通信网络的快速发展(可做状语,修饰整句)译文:Because of the the rapid development of the communication network, the number of the smart-phone users has increased。




优秀选手 top-ranking/topnotch athlete

田径运动 track and field; athletics

田赛 field events

竞赛 track events

跳高 high jump

撑杆跳高 pole jump; polevault

跳远 long/broad jump

三级跳远 hop, step and jump; triple jump

标枪 javelin throw

铅球 shot put

铁饼 discus throw

链球 hammer throw

马拉松赛跑 Marathon (race)

接力 relay race; relay

跨栏比赛 hurdles; hurdle race

竞走 walking; walking race

体操 gymnastics

自由体操 floor/free exercises

技巧运动 acrobatic gymnastics

垫上运动 mat exercises

单杠 horizontal bar

双杠 parallel bars

高低杠 uneven bars; high-low bars

吊环 rings

跳马 vaulting horse

鞍马 pommel horse

平衡木 balance beam

球类运动 ball games

足球 football;

足球场 field; pitch

篮球 basketball

篮球场 basketball court

排球 volleyball

乒乓球 table tennis; ping pong

乒乓球拍 racket; bat

羽毛球运动 badminton

羽毛球 shuttlecock; shuttle

球拍 racket

网球 tennis

棒球 baseball

垒球 softball

棒/垒球场 baseball(soft ball)field/ground

手球 handball

手球场 handball field

曲棍球 hockey; field hockey

冰上运动 ice sports

冰球运动 ice hockey

冰球场 rink

冰球 puck; rubber

速度滑冰 speed skating

花样滑冰 figure skating

冰场 skating rink; ice rink

人工冰场 artificial ice stadium

滑雪 skiing

速度滑雪 cross country ski racing

高山滑雪 alpine skiing

水上运动 water/acquatic sports

水上运动中心 aquatic sports center

水球(运动)water polo

水球场 playing pool

滑水 water-skiing

冲浪 surfing

游泳 swimming

游泳池 swimming pool

游泳馆 natatorium

自由泳 freestyle; crawl (stroke)

蛙泳 breaststroke

侧泳 sidestroke

蝶泳 butterfly (stroke)

海豚式 dolphin stroke/kick

蹼泳 fin swimming

跳水 diving

跳台跳水 platform diving

跳板跳水 springboard diving

赛艇运动 rowing

滑艇/皮艇 canoeing

帆船运动 yachting; sailing

赛龙船 dragon-boat racing

室内运动 indoor sports

举重 weightlifting

重量级 heavyweight

中量级 middleweight

轻量级 lightweight

拳击 boxing

摔交 wresting

击剑 fencing

射击 shooting

靶场 shooting range

射箭 archery

拳术 quanshu; barehanded exercise; Chinese boxing

气功 qigong; breathing exercises

自行车运动 cycling; cycle racing

赛车场(自行车等的)倾斜赛车场 cycling track

室内自行车赛场 indoor velodrome

摩托运动 motorcycling

登山运动 mountaineering; mountain-climbing

骑术 horsemanship

赛马场 equestrian park

国际象棋 (international) chess

特级大师 grandmaster

象棋 xiangqi; Chinese chess

围棋 weiqi; go

航空模型 aeromodel; model aeroplane

航海模型 marine modelling; model ship

跳伞 parachuting

定点跳伞 accuracy jump; precision landing

无线电定向 radio direction finding

造型跳伞 relative work

滑翔运动 gliding; sailplaning

技巧 sports acrobatics

拔河 tug-of-war

毽子 shuttlecock

踢毽子 shuttlecock kicking

毽秋 jianqiu; shuttlecock playing

Arcobat 是什么意思


antibiotics 抗生素

antics 古怪滑稽的动作

acoustics 声学

acrobatics 杂技

aeronautics 航空学

aesthetics 美学

athletics 运动

cosmetics 化妆品

didactics 教学法

dietetics 饮食学 扩展资料



 ⑴ 具有某种职业或动作的人


 2)-al,表示"具有……职务的人" principal,

 3)-ant,-ent,表示"……者” merchant,agent,servant,student,

 4)-ar,表示"……的人” scholar,liar,pedlar


 6)-arian,表示"……派别的人, ……主义的`人”humanitarian,vegetarian

 7)-ary,表示"从事……的人" secretary,missionary

 8)-ate,表示"具有……职责的人" candidate,graduate

 9)-ator,表示"做……的人" educator,speculator(投机者)

 10)-crat,表示"某种政体,主义的支持者" democrat,bureaucrat

 11)-ee,表示"动作承受者" employee,examinee

 12)-eer,表示"从事于……人" engineer,volunteer

 13)-er,表示"从事某种职业的人,某地区,地方的人" banker,observer,Londoner,villager

 14)-ese,表示" ……国人,…..地方的人”Japanese,Cantonese

 15)-ess,表示"阴性人称名词, actress,hostess,manageress

 16)-eur,表示"……家” amateur,littérateur


 18)-ician,表示"精通者, ……家,”electrician,magician,technician

 19)-icist,表示"……家, …….者,…….能手”physicist,phoneticist,technicist

 20)-ic,表示"……者,……师" mechanic,critic

 21)-ie,表示"爱,指小" dearie,auntie,lassie(小姑娘)

 22)-ier,表示"从事……职业” cavalier,clothier,brazier(黄铜匠)

 23)-ine,ina,表示"阴性人称" heroine,ballerina

 24)-ist,表示"从事……研究者,信仰……主义者" pianist,communist,dentist,artist,chemist

 25)-ive,表示"动作者,行为者” native,captive

 26)-logist,表示"……学家,研究者" biologist,geologist(地质学家)

 27)-or,表示"……者" author,doctor,operator,


 29)-yer,表示" 从事……职业者” lawyer


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杂技演员, 走钢丝的演员, 卖艺者


(主张、政见等的)善变者, 翻云覆雨者

a political acrobat




The northeastern region of civil Yangge dance, dragon, Hanchuan, the flutter of butterflies, two wrestling, a flower clubbed Caigaoqiao, together with more performances, collectively referred to as "Yangge." Yangko smooth melody, rhythm joyful simplicity, its booming fire scene, rich dance vocabulary, fun and full of attitude Smart lively performance style has always been loved by the people.

Northeast Yangko have a long history, working people in the north to create long-term wealth accumulation of art, which originated in the working life planting farming, farmers and ancient worship God pray for bumper harvests, and praying Rang disaster when the carol singing, the song Rang , and in the process of development constantly absorbing agricultural songs, Song Ling, civil martial arts, acrobatics, as well as the skills and form of opera, concerts and the general development of Yangge loved by the masses today to a folk songs and dances.

Today's Northeast Yangko form humorous, unique style, the broad expanse of land and give it simple, uninhibited and the spirituality and customs, financial bold and vigorous, humor, quiet, prudent and in one, the people of the Northeast will warm rustic, and rigid-flexible economic characteristics of the character of the artificial head. Stability waves and the waves in the stems, stems in Alice, hit the board, twisting in the Yaoshang, is the most prominent characteristic of Yangge Northeast. At the same time, the great variety of "hands" dance, the drum rhythms sprightly flexible, N, Qiao, quiet, steady, the rhythm of the United States, are the characteristics of Yangge Northeast.

Every major holiday, people will spontaneously organize Yangko performances and competitions. Yangko Team gorgeous rich colors of clothing, clothing and more drama. Clothing can be judged from the characters, "Journey to the West" in the Tang Seng, Monkey, Pig and Shaceng Journey, "Legend of the White Snake" in the White Snake Lady, Xu Xian, and Bao Zheng, Chen Shimei, Qin Xianglian, one after another accompanied by gongs, drums, tablets, suona warm and cheerful play, and Britain Xiecou lighthearted tunes wave of the road. Caigaoqiao especially in the various dance, dragon dance, lion dance, Bohanchuan most famous of these lively dance, skills, modeling the United States, loved by the masses


news(新闻) mathematics(数学)phonetics(语音学)physics(物理学)optics

(光学)politics(政治)acoustics(声学)economics(经济学)electronics(电子学)ethnics(伦理学)statistics(统计学)mechanics(力学、机械学)aerodynamics(空气动力学)aeronautics(航空学)genetics(遗传学)linguistics(语言学)logistics(后勤学)obstetrics(产科学)thermodynamics(热力学)aids(艾滋病)arthritis (关节炎)appendicitis(阑尾炎)diabetes(糖尿病)mumps(腮腺炎)bronchitis(支气管炎)measles(麻疹)


(潜水病)acrobatics(杂技) athletics




riches(财富)valuables(珍贵物品)amends(赔罪、赔偿)annals(编年史)archives(档案室)arrears(到期未付款、欠账)bowels(肠)dregs(渣子)guts(胆量)particulars(细节)armed forces(武装部队)dominoes(多米诺骨牌)effects(个人用品)greens(青菜)tropics(热带)dues(应交的费)brains(头脑)goods(货物)belongings(财产、所有物)lodgings(住处)savings(积蓄)surroundings(环境)tidings(消息)doings(行为)findings(调查结果)shavings(刨花)earnings(挣的钱)sweepings(清扫物、垃圾)clippings(绞下的东西)winnings(赢的钱)writings(作品等等)


police警察 people人民 poultry家禽等等